Home Improvements Loan

HomeCheque Loan

Make essential improvements to your home

We've teamed up with Hull City Council to help homeowners within the City organise their finances to make essential improvements to their home. This is a cashback loan that refunds all the interest paid once the eligible work to your home has been completed and your loan has been fully repaid on time.

  • Borrow up to £5,000
  • Maximum Interest 12.7% APR (refunded when loan repaid on time and work complete)
  • Repayment periods up to three years
  • No hidden fees, charges or repayment penalties
  • Free Members' Death Benefit Scheme (terms and conditions apply)
  • Awarded 5* by the Fairbanking Foundation

You can't apply directly to the Credit Union for a HomeCheque Loan.

To check if you are eligible to apply please contact:

  • Hull City Council, Private Housing & Adaptations, Guildhall, Alfred Gelder Street, HULL, HU1 2AA
  • Tel: 01482 300300
  • Email: private.housing@hullcc.gov.uk.

They will survey your home and check if you are eligible for any grants before referring you to the Credit Union to apply for a HomeCheque loan for any essential non-grant aided work.

All loans provided by Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union are subject to status and our lending policy. The Credit Union reserves the right to decline any application or offer a loan that differs from those advertised.

We don’t offer insurance as such, but your Loan may be covered by our free Members' Death Benefit Scheme

All loans provided by HEYCU are subject to status and our lending policy. Applicants must be aged over 18. The Credit Union reserves the right to decline any application or offer a loan that differs from those advertised. To find out more about how we use your data to help us make decisions on loans please read our Privacy Policy.

When taking up a HomeCheque Loan with Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union, the Borrower will sign a Loan Agreement which sets out the following terms and conditions:

1) The Borrower will repay the Loan that the Lender has advanced them, plus interest.

2) The Borrower will continue to make repayments until the Loan and any interest on the Loan due to the Lender have been repaid in full.

3) The Borrower has the right to settle the Loan early at any time by paying in full the balance of the Loan and any unpaid interest outstanding. The Lender will, on request, provide the Borrower with a written statement of the sums which have been paid and which remain outstanding under the Agreement.

4) The Borrower agrees to inform the Lender immediately of any change to their financial circumstances which may affect their ability to repay the Loan or of any change in their address.

5) If the Borrower fails to pay any amount due to the Lender under the Loan Agreement, or breaches any of its terms, the Lender has the right to demand early repayment of all of the balance of the Loan outstanding, together with any unpaid interest.

6) The Borrower agrees to be liable for all costs, charges or expenses of whatever nature of recovering any sums due under the Loan Agreement.

7) The Borrower agrees that if they default on their repayments, information about their Loan may be passed on to the Department for Work and Pensions for their consideration of deductions from the benefits that they are or will become entitled to.

8) The Borrower assigns to the Lender all paid shares held now or in the future in the Credit Union, as security for payment of the Loan and for interest or expenses which may be due and authorises the Lender to apply any or all such shares towards payment of the Loan, interest or expenses which are owed.

9) We, as the Lender, may use credit reference and fraud prevention agencies to help us make decisions. If you would like to read the full details of how your data may be used please see our Privacy Policy.

10) The Borrower will receive cashback on all interest paid on the Loan, providing:

a) all repayments on the Loan have been made as agreed, without any arrears;

b) all home improvement works required by Hull City Council, as agreed, are complete and to their satisfaction.


Borrower - The member named on the Loan Agreement

Lender - Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union

Loan - the sum that the Lender has advanced to the Borrower, plus interest

Shares - The amount in your savings account(s) with Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union.