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How can I withdraw my savings?

Bank Transfer

  • Complete and return a withdrawal form by:
    • Post - to 38 Brook Street, Hull, HU2 8LA
    • Email - with your scanned form to
    • Fax - to 01482 229540.
    • Dropping it off at a HEYCU branch.

Alternatively, telephone 01482 778753 to request the transfer (You must have a Telephone Transfer standing authorisation set up to use this method. If not, you can apply for the facility by completing a form and returning it to us).

Cash or cheque at a HEYCU branch:

  • cash at Hull Central branch up to £500 per day
  • cash at Scunthorpe branch up to £250 per day
  • cash at Bridlington or Goole branches up to £300 per day
  • cheque (from Hull Central branch or posted out to you) - A £5 charge per cheque applies.

When will the money appear in my bank?
Normally 2-3 working days after we get the completed form or phone call. 

When can I draw my Christmas Saver money?
Any time between 1 November and 24 December. Funds deposited after 1st November cannot normally be withdrawn until the following year's withdrawal period. As the purpose of this account is to save up for Christmas, we may charge you a £5 “early withdrawal fee” if you request a withdrawal outside the normal withdrawal period (ie after 24 December and before 1 November). If you request more than one early withdrawal your account will be closed and to reopen it you'd need to complete a new application form.

I’ve forgotten my password and/or PIN for the online access. What can I do?
On our Member Area Login page, click on the Lost your PIN/Password link. This will take you through to a Reminder form, which you need to complete and submit. You'll receive an email back with a reminder.
If you're still having trouble after trying this, it is best to contact us directly for further advice.

I’ve forgotten my Member Number / lost my Welcome pack. What can I do?
Please call us on 01482 778753 where we'll ask you some security details before giving you the information.

How can I change my payroll deduction?
Complete and return a payroll deduction order by:

  • Post - to 38 Brook Street, Hull, HU2 8LA
  • Email - with your scanned form to
  • Fax - to 01482 229540.
  • Dropping it off at a HEYCU branch

When will changes to my payroll deduction take affect?
Your payroll service should make the change from the first available opportunity. But remember, different payroll services have different “cut off dates” for payroll amendments, so depending on when you notify us, it could be up to two months before the change can take effect.

When can I apply for a CU Loan?
As soon as you become a member. Browse our selection of loans to see which one if the best for you.

Can I apply for a CU Loan to pay off my expensive credit cards?
Our Swap & Drop Loan is ideal for this purpose. 


If you can't find the answer to your question here or on the main site, please contact us

Christmas Saver £10 Bonus

If you've never had a Christmas Saver with us before, open one up and we'll give you a £10 bonus to start off!

Funded by the Stop Loan Sharks Team.

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Flexi Credit

Payroll Members have access to our Flexi Credit before anyone else

It's a revolving credit account for those who've been with their employer over 12 months. Want to know more?


Mobile App Help

Great News! We now have a Mobile App that allows you to:

  • Access your Credit Union account(s) 24/7
  • Check your balances
  • View a mini-statement
  • Transfer money - minimum amount £10 - at present will be transferred by BACS and take 2-3 working days to reach your bank account. Please leave a balance of £1 in your Membership Account at all times.
  • Amend personal details
  • Request a statement of account
  • Send an online enquiry

Download the App

Follow this link to download the App to your Smartphone.

When this opens you will be able to add to your Home screen.

You will then need to register for this facility. This is how:

On the App Home screen -


- Member Number
- Date of Birth
- Click Register (do not click Next Step)
- Complete all registration fields in the format shown (with no spaces)
- Create a memorable Passcode (minimum of 8 characters, numbers and letters allowed – can be anything of your choice)
- Create a separate Withdrawal Password
- Please make sure that both your Passcode and Withdrawal Password are unique and memorable
- Click to agree to the Terms & Conditions
- Click Register

Mobile App

Great News!  Our Mobile App is now available exclusively for our payroll members.