PayPoint Deposits - April 2017


PayPoint Deposits

Members with PayPoint cards, please note the following changes:

End of service

From September 2017, our PayPoint card service will end.

£1 charge

Due to PayPoint operating costs, we've reluctantly had to introduce a charge of £1 each time that you use a Membership PayPoint card at a PayPoint outlet or Post Office to deposit funds in your Credit Union savings account.

Other ways to pay into your account

Alternatively, you can pay into your savings account by:

  • Bank standing order
  • Direct Debit
  • Cash into a branch
  • Direct from your pay (if your employers have a payroll deduction agreement with us)
  • One-off online transfers from your bank account

Please call us if you need to know how to set up any of these options, as we don't want to charge members to use our services unless we have to.