Pennies 2 Pounds

Pennies 2 Pounds

Working in partnership with local schools to teach importance of saving

Through our Pennies 2 Pounds (P2P) Club we help to set up school savings banks in schools. We provide training and support for the school volunteers who run the service and work in partnership with local schools to help young people and families to catch the savings habit and learn vital money management skills. We recommend schools take an active part in running their P2P Club and encourage them to involve their students. The scheme can link into the National Curriculum by developing personal, learning and thinking skills.

  • Weekly or fortnightly collection points in schools
  • Pay in cash or cheque deposits
  • No direct financial cost to the school
  • Could you volunteer to help at your local school?

For the school savers:

  • A fantastic way for children to save up for holidays, special events or a special toy or game that they really want
  • Mums and Dads, other adults and school staff can save at the school bank too! It's a popular and easy way to save up for Christmas or school trips
  • Free money box and savings card on joining
  • 'I've saved today' stickers
  • Certificates awarded to children on reaching saving milestones
  • Fun and exciting activities such as 'design a poster' to win brilliant prizes (for example a family trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park) and visits by Penny the pennywise penguin!

For the volunteers:

  • By donating a little time each week or fortnight they provide a wonderful service that makes a real difference to the local community
  • A way to gain new skills by administering a local financial service
  • The option to access OCN accredited training in Improving Financial Knowledge
  • An opportunity to meet new people and do something different

For the schools:

  • A way to teach young people a healthy respect for money and set them up for a bright future
  • An opportunity to link with National Curriculum activities relating to money management skills
  • An excellent way to forge links with the local community and provide evidence of community involvement for OFSTED visits
  • A great way for school staff and the wider school family to save with a respected local organisation.
  • School clubs and groups can open Community Accounts to help them look after their funds efficiently

Pennies 2 Pounds Savings Banks currently operate at:

  • Boothferry Primary School Goole
  • St Joseph's RC Primary School Goole
  • Barlow C of E Primary School near Selby
  • Driffield Junior School
  • Nafferton Primary School
  • North Frodingham Primary School
  • Driffield Infants School
  • Warter CE Primary School
  • Northfield Infants School
  • Beeford Primary School
  • Hutton Cranswick Primary School
  • Roos Primary School
  • Spring Cottage Primary School
  • Aldbrough Primary School
  • Winterton Junior School
  • Winterton Infant School
  • Hilderthorpe Primary School Bridlington
  • Acre Heads Primary School Anlaby

John Smith - HEYCU CEO 

"Thanks to the good sense of my parents, I was a saver from the day I started at primary school. It was a great thrill to watch the pennies turn into pounds and learn how to look after money like grown-ups.  Therefore I am delighted to have launched HEYCU Pennies 2 Pounds partnership programme which allows us to work with local schools to teach students the value of saving"

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